take Id as a Name in Angular Js Autosuggestion?

I’m new to Angular Js and currently working on a requirement where I want to store id of Names(fetching dynamically from db) while Autosuggesting instead of Names. I have no idea how should I do this.

****View Part****

 <div class="form-group" ng-click="client()">
                                        <label for="field-1" class="col-sm-3 control-label">Client</label>
                                        <div class="col-sm-5" style="padding-bottom: 10px;">
                                            <input type="text" name="client" id="client"
                                                ng-model="product.client" ng-keyup="complete(product.client)"
                                                class="form-control" placeholder="Select Client">
                                            <ul class="list-group" ng-model="hidethis" ng-hide="hidethis">
                                                <li class="list-group-item"
                                                    ng-repeat="clientdata in filterClient track by $index"
                                                    ng-click="fillTextbox(clientdata, $index)">
                                                    {{ clientdata }}</li>

* Controller *

    $scope.clientList = [];
    $scope.client2 = function () {
      $http.get(baseURL + 'getAllClients').success(function (res) {
        $scope.clients = res;
        for (var i = 0; i < res.length; i++) {
          var c = res[i].company_name;
      }).error(function (error) {
    $scope.complete = function (string) {
      $scope.hidethis = false;
      var output = [];
      angular.forEach($scope.clientList, function (user) {
        if (user.toLowerCase().indexOf(string.toLowerCase()) >= 0) {
      $scope.filterClient = output;
    $scope.fillTextbox = function (string) {
      $scope.product.client = string;
      $scope.hidethis = true;

I’m able to Fetch all the Name but when I select Name from list Tag I want to store it’s id not it’s name.

Source: AngularJS