Filter first item in Observable

I have the following component:

export class UserComponent implements OnInit {

  user$: Observable<UserModel>;

  constructor(private userService: UserService) { }

  ngOnInit() {

    this.user$ = this.getUser();


  getUser(): Observable<UserModel> {

    return this.userService.getByUserId(25).pipe(map((payload: Payload<UserResponse>) => {

      return UserResponse) => { 

        return {
          // Other mapping properties




With my code getUser() should return a Observable<UserModel[]>.

But I know that in this case payload has only one UserResponse.

So I would like getUser() method to return Observable<UserModel>.

How to adjust the pipe / map code to return an Observable of one UserModel?


Payload is:

export class Payload<T> {

  errors: Error[];
  paging: Paging;
  result: T[];

  constructor(result: T[], paging?: Paging, errors?: Error[]) {

    this.errors = errors;
    this.paging = paging;
    this.result = result;



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