Get width and height of image with ng2-file-upload

I want to get and check the width and height of an uploaded image using ng2-file-upload and Angular 6.

My code so far is:

constructor() {
    this.uploader = this.initializeUploader("url");

public uploader;

private initializeUploader(url: string): FileUploader {
    const uploadOptions: FileUploaderOptions = {
        allowedMimeType: ['image/jpeg', 'image/png' ],

    const uploader = new FileUploader(uploadOptions);

    uploader.onAfterAddingFile = item => {
        //Want to get width here

    return uploader;

and the HTML:

<input type="file" ng2FileSelect [uploader]="uploader" />

I was looking for solutions but nothing worked for me. Found the idea to use


here. But i don’t understand how/where to import ‘Upload’. Also found the solution to add


in the input-element but i can’t find where i can “catch” the error, if the size of the input image is wrong.

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