Get @ContentChildren from child components

I’m trying to access child element refs through the @ContentChildren decorator in order to enable keyboard navigation.

@ContentChildren('listItem', {descendants: true}) childItems: Element;

The listItems themselves are projected onto the component where we have this decorator.

  • It works when we have the content is directly injected into the ng-content

    <div class="option-picker" popup-content>
        *ngFor="let option of ['අ', 'අා']"

  • It stops working if we move the button here into a custom component

<app-option-picker [optionList]="[1, 2, 3]" popup-content> </app-option-picker>

Please find the StackBlitz example.

I saw a few similar issues and a github issue that was opened a while back.

They suggest that we use the undocumented ngProjectAs feature. I tried using this without much success in the StackBlitz example.

Source: Angular

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