Angular 6 filter table with checkboxes

I have this working snippet. I want to filter a table using checkboxes. The problem is when I check a for example, it gives me the filtered array. But when I uncheck it, I want to return me the original array.


<ng-container *ngFor="let group of groups">
    <label class="btn btn-filter" id="bttns">
    <input type="checkbox" name="customersGroupFilter" autoComplete="off" [value]="group" (change)="changeGroup($event)">
    {{ group }}

    <tr *ngFor="let user of newArray">


  changeGroup(event) {
    const group =;
    const index = this.groupValue.indexOf(group);

    if (index > -1) {
      this.groupValue.splice(index, 1);
    } else {

    this.transform(this.usersList, 'group', this.groupValue)

  transform(items: any[], field: string, value: string[]): any[] {
    if (!items) {
      return [];
    if (!field || !value || value.length <= 0) {
      return items;

    this.newArray = items.filter(singleItem => {
      return (singleItem != null && singleItem[field] != null && singleItem[field] != undefined && value.indexOf(singleItem[field]) >= 0);

    return this.newArray

How can I modify this code in order to obtain what I want?

I tried something with a condition like this in changeGroup()

if (this.groupValue.length == 0) {
   this.transform(this.usersList, '', this.groupValue)

Also, is this a good way to filter a table? I tried avoiding pipe filters. Thank you for your time!

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