Select tag is not working for Android chrome in Ionic Framework

I am using Ionic 2.2.xx. I used Select tag. It is not working in android devices(chrome browser); but in Ios (safari browser) and on desktop it’s working fine. I tried out many of solutions. Anyone, please suggest the changes in my code…

<div class = "item item-input"  style="border-radius: 5px;" data-ng-if="m1.InputControls == 'DropDownList'">
         <select class="item item-input" style="border-color: transparent;" name="{{m1.ColumnHeader}}">
           <option selected>--Select--</option>
        <option ng-repeat="p1 in m1.DropDownValues" value="{{p1.Value}}" >{{p1.Text}}</option>

Source: AngularJS