Leaflet – UTFGrid in MBTiles

I’m trying to load in leaflet an UTFGrid layer offline. When I’m online I’ve no problem loading it since I load the tiles using L.tileLayer and then loading all the info using L.utfGridCanvas.

The problem start when I try to download it offline. Actually for the offline use I have at the moment a .mbtiles file with all inside. I can download it but then I’m not able to show the info in my map (no problem with the tiles since I use L/tileLayer.mbTiles from https://www.npmjs.com/package/Leaflet.TileLayer.MBTiles). The problem is that I don’t know how to see the info related to the tiles.

I could change the download format from mbtiles to a simple zip file which I can extract and use the same way as I do online, but anyway I would like to keep the mbtiles format for the download.
Any suggestion on how to do it?

I’m developing the app using angularJS and ionic-v1

Thanks in advance

Source: AngularJS