how to share data between 2 component angularjs (use typescrip)

i have a component :

export const TopBarMemberComponent: angular.IComponentOptions = {
        bindings: {},
        require: {
            controller: '^EngagementSetupMember'
        templateUrl: 'topBarMembers.component.html'

and parent component:

export const EngagementSetupMember: IComponentOptions = {
    controller: EngagementMembersController,
    templateUrl: 'engagement.component.html'

this is module

import {EngagementSetupMember} from './../engagementMembers.component';
import {TopBarMemberComponent} from './topBarMembers.component'

export const topBarMembersModule: string = angular
.module('topbar-members', [])
.component('topbarMemberComponant', TopBarMemberComponent)

but when i use it,screen printed

can not find EngagementSetupMemberController

please help!

Source: AngularJS