I was trying to upload a video [duplicate]

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How to convert a Blob into a byte array? I was trying to upload a video and call to API in byte array format

After doing the below code, we getting the video in “blob:http://localhost:8080/2d118b17-34b3-4e19-8044-72e9a0c5eaff“” formate. I want to convert the blob url into byte array.

Can anyone please help me to convert bloburl into byte array?


<video ng-if="item.documentType == 'video'" controls  width="100" height="145">
     <source data-ng-src="{{item.data}}">
     Your browser does not support the video tag.

My JS:

if(type == 'video'){            
    var item = {
        src: file.files[0],
        data: URL.createObjectURL(file.files[0]),
        caseFileId: $scope.mediaItem.caseId


Source: AngularJS