how to filter the list using radio button in ionic1

In my case there are 3 radio button ..I want to filter data when i click on first radio button PRESENT-ON TIME.It will show only ON-TIME present student only and vice-versa.
API response is
late_status=0 for on time
late_status=1 for on late

My HTML file look like this

`<input type="radio" name="process" ng-value="0" id="design" ng-click='present1()' ng-model="data.late_status"/><label class="choice" for="design" > Present-On Time</label><br />

<input type="radio" name="process" ng-value="1" id="late" ng-click='late1()' ng-model="data.late_status" /><label class="choice" for="late"> Present-Late</label><br />

<div ng-hide="myVar"  class="col col-20" ng-if="data.late_status == 0"><i><b>On Time</b></i>
               <!-- If block(ON TIME) -->
              <div ng-hide="myVar"  class="col col-20" ng-if="data.late_status != 0"><i><b>Late</b></i>                         
                <!-- Your Else Block(LATE) -->

controller.js file

  $scope.late1 = function () {


                         template: '<ion-spinner></ion-spinner><p>Loading...</p>'



            var link =
            var datasend = $.param({
                request_code: 'get'[enter image description here][1]
                start_time: '08:00:00',
                end_time: '10:00:00',
                machine_id: '101',

               date: today.getDate() + '/' + (today.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + today.getFullYear()

Help..As i am new user i am not able to upload image file.

Source: AngularJS