using messageformat with angular-translate

I’ve got a rails 4.1/angular 1.x app that I’ve got angular-translate-rails gem happily running on.

I’m wanting to integrate pluralisation as per angular-translate-interpolation-messageformat and I’m not entirely sure I’m doing this right!

I’ve got messageformat.js v0.1.7 and angular-translate-interpolation-messageformat.js loaded (I got them from this this plunkr )

I’ve got Māori language currently switched on (mi-std) and I’m getting the error Plural Function not found for locale: mi-std. I’m aware that mi-std isn’t the correct locale designation, but there are several dialects to be loaded into the system – this is the first of many.

What’s the problem? How do I define a plural function, or do I hook it up somehow?

Source: AngularJS

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