Bind selected value to Multi Select ListboxFor control using AngularJS

I’m facing issues in below scenario, Can any one please guide me.

Get the comma separated Ids from DB which already user entered and split the values then bind values into Multi Select List box control in edit mode.

I tried the following piece of code to achieve it, but its not working for me.

@Html.ListBoxFor(c => c.ClientDemographicHospitalId, new MultiSelectList(Model.Hospitals, "Value", "Text"), new { ng_model = "hospitalDropdownList", @class = "HospitalListbox", style = "width:65%" })

var lstSelectedIDs = employee.ClientDemographicHospitalId;
var arySelectedID = lstSelectedIDs.split(",");

for (var i = 0; i <= arySelectedID.length; i++) {

Attached the screenshot.



Source: AngularJS