Input with Datalist – ng-change is not fired in IE for AngularJS

I have an input tag with datalist for which the ng-change is not getting fired on selection in Internet Explorer 11. It only gets fired on blur of the input. It is working in Chrome.

Codepen Below:

<input list="testList" name="origin node" ng-model="SelectedDoctor" 
       autocomplete="off" required /> 
<datalist id="testList" > 
   <option value={{}} ng-repeat="value in data"> 

If you check the code, you can see that in chrome the data list value is shown below on selection. In IE , the value is shown only on tab key press or when we click outside the tag.

Please let me know how I can get this working in IE, so that the ng-change can be fired on selection of datalist value.

Note: If you change AngularJS version to 1.2.x, it is working fine. Anything above, its not working. This is a simplified version for a bigger application and I am triggering a backend service on selection from the datalist.

Source: AngularJS