Draw curved /Arc dotted polyline in angular-google-maps

I want to draw a curved / Arc dotted polyline between two latitude and longitude.
I end up always drawing a straight line between two latitude and longitude.

Can any please help me with drawing a curved dotted polyline…?

I have used this reference ,
and also angular-google-maps

Both ends up with straight line.

 <ui-gmap-polyline ng-repeat="p in mc.polylines" path="p.path" 
     stroke="p.stroke" visible='p.visible'
     geodesic='p.geodesic' fit="false" editable="p.editable" 
     draggable="p.draggable" icons='p.icons'>


I am hereby sharing my
plunker link

Please help to draw a curved line like this

enter image description here

Even if i give geodesic = true, The curvature is not to that extend. It seems like straight line.

Thank you

Source: AngularJS