support pinnable task pane with angular 1.x

I am right now trying to implement pinnable task pane in Outlook Windows version, which is the only supported platform. After I added Office.context.mailbox.addHandlerAsync() into Office.initialize. I found a problem with the angular bootstrapping. Should I bootstrap my app again in the itemChanged handler function? Is there any elegant way to do this?

Here i my code now.

Office.initialize = function(reason) {
    $(document).ready(function() {
            function(eventArgs) {
                // angular.bootstrap(document.body, ["my-addin"]);
            function(asyncResult) {
                // This is callback for addHandlerAsync. This will be called ONCE when the event is registered.
        angular.bootstrap(document.body, ["my-addin"]);
    if (OfficeHelpers.Authenticator.isAuthDialog()) return;

I am right now using location.reload() for every itemChanged event.

Source: AngularJS