How to modify field value of columnDefs in AgGridReact?

how to How to modify field value of columnDefs in AgGridReact?

I am using AgGridReact component, in the column Defs i want to change the value based on the status result





In the columnDefs field status i want to change based on the status code in the image attached i have status 4 and 5 if the status is 4 i need to display as approve if the status code is 5 i need to display as rejected.

I need to modify the status code to respective status name, As i am receiving the response of the status as numbers according to numbers i need to convert to their respective status information like below

In the Aggrid table I need the status numbers to be converted to text according to their status codes please any one guide me doing this.

this.state = {
        columnDefs: [
                headerName: "Client Name",
                field: "clientName",
                width: 250

                headerName: "Status",
                field: "status",
                width: 150

Source: AngularJS