ng-repeat performance – 1300 watchers

I have something like 1300 watchers on ng-repeat, I have to reduce it.
the big problem is that lot of my things in my ng-repeat is 2-way binding because I need to change the list and insert new event to the list every x time and handle functionality in the di

My app is like the following:

get event Obj from server by polling every 3 seconds:

in my controller I get the data:

 vm.eventData  = Server.eventData;

index html:

        settings-data ="vm.settings"
        event-data = "vm.eventData"

Event list directive:(handle when there is a new obj to the list and show the list in loading, update by watchcollection when there is new event and update the scope.eventData

 scope.$watchCollection('eventData', function(newVal, oldVal){


    <li id="listItem_{{}}" ng-repeat="event in eventsData track by $index">

inside the li, I have a click directive to handle a click and show the event and on click, I need to update the view with the data from the eventsData array

I tried to add bindonce plugin but it is not help because its one way binding and every action in my app affects the event list

So basically I have to reduce the watchers or change all my functionality , what do you think?


Source: AngularJS

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