Android SDK is not specified in multi-module project

I cloned a multi-module project from the Github with the following structure,

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It has 5 modules like android, angular-client, design-impl, hub-spot-email and lastly, loan-calc-service. The moduels hub-spot-email, and loan-calc-service are the Spring boot app. When I tried to build at the first time, I get the pop-up to set the output path for the project,

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Then, I have set the hub-spot-email/controller package as the output path (endpoint). This is the path set for the project,


I have tried again to build and I get the error,

Error:Android Source Generator: [eclipxgroup-master] Android SDK is not specified

I have installed the Android SDK. The installation setup is correct as I checked earlier. In the next try, the error doesn’t go away. I assume I need to set some path for the android module. I went to the preference section which seems like,

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Also, the Java SDK is properly set though I get the error sings to the left of the files,

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While I have some experience with the java and Spring xxx, I couldn’t figure out what I need to do to build the project. Do you have more information what I need to do?


So far I only managed to set the Android SDK for the project.

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