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Splitting SPA (Angular 1.x) app in multiple bundles/pages/apps

I have an Angular 1.x SPA app that has grown to 200+ templates (and growing) and it starts to feel too big for a monolithic app. Aside from all performance issues related to this size, I have a problem that upgrading infrastructure/components/libraries is an all-or-nothing operation.

The app has several well identifiable modules (4-10 depending on the granularity I choose) ie. public part, account administration, user area… Users rarely “cross” from one area to another.

Would be splitting this monolithic app into several separate SPAs be a good idea and what would be downside to it?

My objectives are:

  • optimize for load time (and build time, but as secondary concern)
  • enable gradual (module-wise) upgrade of components/infrastructure ie. moving to Angular2 or React

Source: AngularJS

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