REST Client application with Topology diagram

I suppose to develop a network management REST client with topology diagram (as an image showing below). With that application, the user should able to create a topology diagram by drag and drop, change the nodes positions by dragging, edit nodes properties and delete node elements.

Now I’m doing some feasibility study how can I approach this task with HTML 5 client or Java thick client. I have seen some API called esri but it is commercialised.

I have planned to develop this application Angularjs or JavaFX. But none of them has inbuild libraries for it (I’m more preferring to develop this client application with AngularJs). Could you please help me to find any JavaScript frameworks or Java libraries available for accomplishing this task (then I can integrate them with AngularJs or JavaFX).

I have seen similar kind of question at StackOverflow, it was too old but now it can be available new frameworks.


Topology diagram

Source: AngularJS