Why I should extract three times the infromation from Facebook crawler to get my site information

I have a site made with AngularJS where in order to get the right information from Facebook to share the link, I need to go first to Facebook crawler and extract the information three times before getting the right data.

The first time, I get the default information
The second time I get the title and the description of the specific page, but not the image.
The third time I get the full information (including the image).

But as the site allow the user to upload information and create dinamically new pages, if they try to share the deepling they won’t get all the information at least they go to Facebook scrawler and make it search the page three times…

Im’m using prerender to get the page dinamic information

The page is for example: https://www.granojo.com/video/10403

Source: AngularJS