Modular .NET Core Web Application with AngularJS and WebAPI [on hold]

I want to working on the Single Page Application Based on .Net Core 2.0 with AngularJS for front-end. We have request that the application must be modular, which means that we must separate Back-end and front-end for each modules. We have been trying to find best approach for the project.

We try to use ASP.NET Boilerplate – Application Framework for this approach but i don’t know how to support static files such as html and JavaScript files for angular per modules and We cannot configured Main Web-app to lookup static files in different location (modules must separate with project files).

I cannot find examples for this case (Modular App Based on .NET core and WebAPI and AngularJS,Typescript …). Do anybody have suggestion how can we solve this problem, or do you suggest another approach or framework or sample code.

Note: The main problem is add routing With angularJS in Modules when modules are load in Main application start up Event.

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