Why does Ionic Deploy add ionicCacheBuster to all of my files and calls?

I have an Ionic v1 app with ionic deploy. When my app starts up in the angular.run() block I have some code checking for a snapshot.

        $ionicDeploy.check().then(function (snapshotAvailable) {
            if (snapshotAvailable) {
                $ionicDeploy.download().then(function () {
                    return $ionicDeploy.extract().then(function() {
                            title: 'Update Available',
                            subTitle: 'An update was just downloaded. Would you like to restart your app to use the latest features?',
                            buttons: [
                                    text: 'Cancel'
                                    text: 'Restart',
                                    onTap: function(e) {
                                        $ionicDeploy.load(); //no code past here will be executed

After the app applies the snapshot, it applies ionicCacheBuster to all of the calls. settings.controller.js?ionicCachebuster=67772:644 I don’t know why it does this and I also notice that my app is slower than if I just type ionic run android into the command line.

Furthermore, when I call $ionicDeploy.load(); the onDeviceReady and run block of the app is not called. It just goes right to the home page. How can I get it to fully reload the app?

Source: AngularJS