Angular 4 and ClojureScript background information

I need some information about resource management of Angular4 and ClojureScript. I don’t have any knowledge about this and also can’t find anything. Maybe I just search for the wrong keywords.

What I want to know is, if there is a cap of the simultaneous users of a web page using just Angular 4 or ClojureScript. Or does all this just depend on the server? How is the resource management on the server? I heared something, that Clojure for example takes everything, what it can get. Is this right?

Background for this information is, we want to create a new simple web page, which provides some data from a database. It will be just 1 site. But alot simultaneous users will visit this page, and the page should be accessible all the time.

Sorry for my bad english. Hope you could help me with this.

Source: AngularJS