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Month: August 2017

How to fix the text box size

My Plunker. In My plunker there is d ++ button. If I press on that button the child text box is moving right side, as it is functionality.It’s fine. But when the child text box comes then the child text box is crossing the parent text box. I want to restrict the text box like the below. Image: Source: AngularJS

How to replace some character with space in AngularJs

I need to replace all special character with hyphen(-) with this name like (Inka -Tiitto-s-Camp-Aero-Gravity-Milan-9). But I am getting this error. => The URI you submitted has disallowed characters. and also getting the name like this (Inka Tiitto’s Camp @ Aero Gravity Milan -9) I have tried this line of code but not getting desirable result. <a href=”<?= BASEURL ?>camp/{{‘/[.,-/#!$%^&*;:{}=-_`~()@+?><[]+]/g’).join(‘-‘)}}-{{}}”>{{}}</a> Could anyone help me to get this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance […]

How to create divs based on number present in input field on button click, ONLY ONCE

what i am trying to do is as follows: Get data from json file on button click. Show the data in separate boxes,different for each element of array. For example, if my json gives me 3 rows of data, there should be 3 boxes. Place the boxes in a grid of 2X2. Exactly like in this imageWireframe for foodcourts Step 1 i achieved easily. I can also generate boxes on button click but not as […]

AngularJS: Compile specific template

I have a pre tag with dynamic text (unknown while the page is being loaded). This text may have ng commands. It will looks like this: <pre> Hello <span ng-click=”test(‘args’)”>world</span> angular-JS! </pre> Because those dynamic tags are not exists while the page is being loaded, angularjs is not run them and the function test(‘args’) will never run. So, I’m added a directive called compile-template: function compileTemplate($compile, $parse) { return { link: function (scope, element, attr) […]

Performance about ng-show vs. ng-hide

Introduction:- Some people are only using ng-show instead of ng-hide=”!true” Or some peoples are using ng-hide instead of ng-show=”!true”. Technically we don’t need ng-hide directive. But! I know angular introduced ng-hide for standard coding structure. And please understand me, I am asking about the performance not difference. My Question:- So my question is what about the performance of this following scenarios? ng-hide=”true” vs. ng-show =”!true” ng-show=”true” vs. ng-hide=”!true”; Source: AngularJS

Angular rerouting to home page doesn’t work?

Here is my error: core.es5.js:1020 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘home’ This is the code from the view.html: <div class=”container”> This is the main app; <a routerLink=”second”>Click to go to second</a> <a routerLink=”third”>Click to go to third</a> <a routerLink=”home”>Go to Home</a> <router-outlet></router-outlet> </div> And this is my array of objects which includes the path to the home and other paths. The path to the home is correct, hence […]

ng-model data is not set when we click controller action

Html page is defined as <div class=”form-group col-sm-12″> <label class=”control-label col-md-2″>Person Type</label> <div class=”col-sm-10″> <select class=”form-control m-b” name=”account” ng-model=”person.type”> <option value=”0″ label=”please select…”>please select…</option> <option value=”Self”> Self </option> <option value=”Employee”> Company Employee </option> </select> </div> </div> <div class=”form-group col-sm-12″> <label class=”control-label col-md-2″>Person Name</label> <div class=”col-sm-10″> <input class=”form-control m-b” type=”text” placeholder=”Enter name of Person” ng-model=”name”> </div> </div> controller function is defined as below controller(‘ClientCtrl’ , function($scope, $http){ $scope.UpdatePerson= function(name, type){ $ name ; $scope.person.type = type; […]

Highcharts-ng stock chart gives "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hoverSeries’ of undefined" when loading data asynchronously

In my AngularJS app I’m using the custom directive ‘highcharts-ng’ to generate charts. I have a JSFiddle that creates a stock chart and works properly with scope-defined data, but throws an error when data are being fetched with $resource calls to a REST API (through a Factory): JSFiddle that works with scope-defined data For the REST-driven version, I have the following function for querying data: function getData(start, end) { return measurementsFactory .getMeasurements(start, end) .then(function(response) { […]

Call function within object as parameter for a directive

currently I’m extending my application, so I can give a directive (which generates a table grid) an object for additional buttons to show (for adding other other actions). Now I can show the button but I need to execute some code as function which should be apply for a click on that button. The object itself contains strings and function in a mixed way, like this: <tablegrid table=”flavorings” additional-buttons=”[{name: ‘add’, onclick: ‘function(){ }’, icon: ‘fa […]

Dynamically set chart type with AngularJS and chart.js

I want to write an AngularJS component which uses a template and a controller to display a chart.js chart that has a dynamic type (bar, line, pie, …) I use angular-chart.js to combine angular and chart.js My template looks like this: <div class=”card”> <div class=”card-body”> <h4 class=”card-title”>{{$}}</h4> Type is set to: {{$ctrl.type ? $ctrl.type : ‘pie’}} <div id=”container” class=”container” style=”width:100%”> <div class=”panel-body”> <canvas id=”chart_test” class=”chart chart-{{$ctrl.type ? $ctrl.type : ‘pie’}}” chart-data=”data” chart-labels=”labels” chart-series=”series” chart-options=”options” chart-dataset-override=”datasetOverride”></canvas> […]

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