angularjs: ng-src equivalent for background-image:url(…)

In angularjs you have the tag ng-src which has the purpose that you won’t receive an error for an invalid url before angularjs gets to evaluate the variables placed in between {{ and }}.

The problem is that I use quite some DIV’s with a background-image set to an url. I do this because of the excellent CSS3 property background-size which crops the image to the exact size of the DIV.

The only problem is that I receive a lot of errors for the exact same reason they created a ng-src tag: I have some variables in the url and the browser thinks the image doesn’t exist.

I realize that there is a possibility of writing a crude {{"style='background-image:url(myVariableUrl)'"}}, but this seems ‘dirty’.

I’ve searched a lot and can’t find the right way to do this. My app is becoming a mess because of all of these errors.