AngularJS Automatically Syncing Data between Server and Client

There’s something in the AngularJS docs that I can’t seem to find or maybe I’m just missing.

I’m creating a web app with NodeJS and Express in the back-end and I’m trying to understand how it can interact with Angular in the front end. In particular, I’ll have a JSON API for Angular to fetch the information from. I want for the front end to always be up-to-date.

My questions are:

  • Does the two-way data binding feature mean Angular ($resource or
    $http) automatically fetches the data from the server every n
  • Does it naturally use long polling, short polling or websockets?
  • Do you need JQuery to achieve the server-client syncing or can everything be done
    with Angular?
  • Do you have to add extra code to make this behavior
    happen? Do I need to use $timeout?

Every example I seem to find involves the client fetching the data once. Not syncing the data with the server.