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How to force the user that he must select a row in a table before submitting the form? [on hold]

So, I have a form that has a table in it. And as I said if the user hasn’t chose anything from the table, then the form shouldn’t be submitted, and the user should be alerted that he must choose something to submit the form correctly. I have searched and “required” validations I found are on a select/options element not a row in a table. <table class=”table table-bordered table-hover” id=”choose-user” ng-show=”showTable”> <tr ng-click=”onTableSelect(user);” ng-repeat=”user in […]

Load Initial Image to Page AngularJS

I have a list of names from the model that are listed on the page when the page loads. When i click the name, the corresponding image from the model appears on the page. Is there a way within this to load an initial image [0]when the page loads? This could be a random image or the first image in the model data set. <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app = “myApp”><head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Cat Clicker</title> <link […]

HTML/CSS Report – RTL Language

I am not very expert at all when it comes to html layouts. I am trying to generate an invoice report which looks exactly like this: Print dimensions must be 13.9cm x 22.8 cm but I am finding a very hard time since it’s in Arabic, and Arabic is a pure nightmare in web development, and that’s my first project in arabic. I’ve tried pdfmake’s angular library which gives a better way to produce such […]

Maintaining Correct Running Totals for Sortable Table Columns

By default this table is sorted first name ascending. My calculateRunningTotals() function that populates that third column– the running total column– is correctly populating the column with the right running total values on the first load of the table. It is initially called in the getAttendants() function, at the bottom of it, just after the digest function call. But then I need the calculateTotals() function to fire again, when any column’s th is clicked when […]

Update array items in ng-repeat table in AngularJS

I have an AngularJS app that pulls data from a JSON file. Part of the data gets added in a table using ng-repeat in the details template. When I select the first object, the data that is suppose to go into the table works fine. However, when I click on another object, the data values from the previous object stays and the data values for the newly selected object gets added underneath. How do I […]

unable to install ui-grid-auto-fit-columns for Angularjs 1.6 project

I am working with Angularjs 1.6 and ui-grid 4.4.2 and I hit a snag. I need my grid column widths to expand to the widest content in the column. I found an NPM Package that does this but I am unable to install it. When I include the package in my angular module I get the following error: Unhandled exception at line 5014, column 9 in http://localhost:29236/Scripts/angular.js 0x800a139e – JavaScript runtime error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to […]

Uncaught (in promise) dom-to-image

I have a page that has multiple canvas html elements. The website is actually built in angularjs and there are charts that are displayed on it which have been created in Qlik. I am trying to get a screenshot of the individual charts which are rendered as canvas elements on the browser. Using, I am able to get the screenshot of just first chart using the following code: var node = document.getElementById(divToPrint); domtoimage.toPng(node) .then(function […]

Display query and result on the same page

I am currently having a two page application which lets the user enter the data and hit submit and the next page opens with the Query result in a grid. like below home.html <form name=”homeForm”> <div class=”form-group col-md-6 md-padding”> <div> <label style=”font-size: medium”>From Date</label> <p class=”input-group”> <input type=”text” class=”form-control” id=”fromDate” name=”fromDate” uib-datepicker-popup=”{{format}}” ng-model=”request.fromDate” is-open=”popup1.opened” datepicker-options=”dateOptions” ng-required=”true” close-text=”Close” alt-input-formats=”altInputFormats” required /> <span class=”input-group-btn”> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-default” ng-click=”open1()”><i class=”glyphicon glyphicon-calendar”></i></button> </span> </p> <div style=”color:maroon” ng-messages=”homeForm.fromDate.$error” ng-if=”homeForm.fromDate.$touched”> […]

Angularjs Filter exact number without being able to revert

I have a table that I am filtering that looks like this: <tr ng-repeat=’entry in pgCtrl.entries | | filter:{DEMAND_TYPE: pgCtrl.demandTypeFilter} | filter:{STR_NUM:pgCtrl.storeEnteredFilter} | filter:{CORRECT_STR:pgCtrl.intendedLocnFilter} ‘ ng-click=’pgCtrl.performClick(entry)’> <td>{{entry.DT_RCVD}}</td> <td>{{entry.CASE_NUM}}</td> <td>{{entry.DEMAND_TYPE}}</td> <td>{{entry.STR_NUM}}</td> <td>{{entry.DC}}</td> <td>{{entry.XDK_DC}}</td> <td>{{entry.TRAILER_NUM}}</td> <td>{{entry.WRONG_STR}}</td> <td>{{entry.CORRECT_STR}}</td> <td>{{entry.DC_COMMENTS}}</td> <td>{{entry.HAZARD}}</td> <td>{{entry.CONTACT}}</td> </tr> There are 3 select boxes and a single search box that filter out the table. My problem was when I selected 5 it was filtering all the 5’s including say 15. Now I realize that […]

AngularJS – using $window.onbeforeunload to call an API before the browser closes

I have an application where a resource is created when the user enters that page. If they do not properly save that resource an API call is called to the backend to delete it. Closing the browser before saving is one scenario. Here I use WindowEventHandlers.onbeforeunload to listen for a close event and fire a function before the window closes. $window.onbeforeunload = function (evt) { if (notSavedFlag == true) { //call an api function $http.delete(…) […]

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