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Enviar evento al iniciar un mat-tab-group [closed]

Tengo un mat-tab-group y quiero saber si hay alguna manera de hacer que se inicie una funcion apenas se cargue el primer mat-tab del mat-tab-group, no al cambiar de tabs con selectedIndexChange o selectedTabChange, sino que apenas aparezca el primer mat-tab se inicie una funcion sin tener que cambiar de tabs. Agradezco mucho su ayuda […]

Angular v12 With .pipe and map, how to perform multiple action

I am working with Angular v12 app and performed a, but I want to refactor my code with the best practice I have so far and it is working saveFile (param: ParamsDto): Obserbvale<ParamsDto> { return, params) .pipe( map((response) > { return this.saveFile(response, params) } ); } private saveFile(data: any, param: ParamsDto) { FileSaver.saveAs(new […]

By c0micrage
Categorized as angular, typescript Tagged ,

Unable to get the otWhiteboard_update Signal from Host to other participant

I’m trying to use the opentok Whiteboard functionality. Scenario: As a participant in the session, I cannot catch the otWhiteboard_update signal from the host who initiated the Whiteboard operation. OT.checkSystemRequirements = function () { return true; }; angular.module(‘demo’, [‘opentok’, ‘opentok-whiteboard’]) .controller(‘DemoCtrl’, [‘$scope’, ‘OTSession’, function ($scope, OTSession) { $scope.connected = false; OTSession.init(‘YOUR_API_KEY’, ‘YOUR_SESSION_ID’, ‘YOUR_TOKEN’, function […]

By Ben
Categorized as angular, nexmo, opentok, whiteboard Tagged , , ,

NG-ZORRO modal component in lazy loaded component, close button destroy event not triggered

I am using Ng-zorro to display a custom modal component inside a lazy loaded component: component used to display custom modal: showArtistModal(artist: any): void { this.modalService.create({ nzContent: ArtistModalComponent, nzComponentParams: { artist, }, nzCentered: true, // nzOnOk: () => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1000)), // nzFooter: [ // { // label: ‘Close’, // shape: ’round’, // […]

How to switch animation from Angular to css

I have a fade-in/out animation working perfectly using @angular/animation, but I need to pass this animation to css and take this dependence off of @angular/animation My animation (I just pass the [@fadeInOut] attribute in my div and it works): animations: [ trigger(‘fadeInOut’, [ state( ‘void’, style({ opacity: 0 }) ), transition(‘void <=> *’, animate(300)) ]) […]

By ramos97
Categorized as angular, animation, css, css-animations Tagged , , ,

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