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Execute a function after template has been render in ngIf. Which one is better Pipe or Directive

Here is code example for the above question. <div *ngIf="condition"> <button>Save</button> <div> I want to call a function after button is created. I have found two solution for this. First one is to use Directive <div *ngIf="condition"> <button ngInit="callback()">Save</button> <div> Second one is to use pipe <div *ngIf="condition"> {{callback| ngInit}} <button>Save</button> <div> My question is […]

By valaram chaudhary
Categorized as angular Tagged

Firestore: How to update specific field In payload document?

How do I access and update a specific field in angular firebase but My Data In payload I have put the image link that easy for u: Enter This Link and see the Image what I am saying that Source: Angular Questions

By virendra kumawat
Categorized as angular, firebase Tagged ,

Set two different date range in PrimeNg Calendar

I am implementing Primeng calendar in Angular project. I need to set date range with color green and another date range with color blue. Here is my task. I have a fixed number of days for free booking. Suppose I have 15 free booking days and a person select Day 1 to day 30 for […]

By geeth
Categorized as angular, primeng Tagged ,

How to change TaigaUI tab color?

How to change color theme including the background color and active element color of <tui-tabs>. (in an Angular project) Thanks in advance. Source: Angular Questions

By Capmu
Categorized as angular, css, frontend Tagged , ,

I can’t select options of mat-select and can’t make the selected option appear in console

I have the following problem: I have a drop down list with 2 items. I need the first one to appear by default and that when selecting either of the two its value is shown in the console and saved in a variable. I have the following code: HTML <td> <mat-select name="tipoCdp" (change)="onChangeCdp($event.value)" [(ngModel)]="tipoCdpValue"> <ng-container […]

By Aragorn8806
Categorized as angular, arrays, mat-select, ngfor, options Tagged , , , ,

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