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Angular Downgrade AngularJS Transclusion Error

In my/our project, I need to downgrade an angular component which makes use of transclusion. Since this downgraded component would be used at multiple locations throughout the AngularJS part of the application, it is wrapped within the existing AngularJS component. Now the resulting issue is that content that would be transcluded in the wrapper component […]

By rhi
Categorized as angular, angularjs Tagged ,

Property ‘sort’ is used before its initialization

Property ‘sort’ is used before its initialization.ts(2729) How to fix this issue? Source: Angular Questions

By user8837476
Categorized as angular Tagged

Angular App, C# API, Windows Authentication

I would like to use the windows credentials for domain users to access a C# REST Api. The web app is a very simple Angular 12 app that currently just needs to display the version of the REST Api. I have a endpoint called /api/version that looks like this: [AllowAnonymous] [HttpGet] public IActionResult Get() { […]

By Ursus Schneider
Categorized as angular,, c#, rest Tagged , , ,

Customization of a Stepper component (Nebular / Angular)

I’d like to know if there’s anyway I’m able to customize the scss/html template of a Nebular Stepper component. I found out that you can customize some of the scss using Nebular Custom theming but I need to change things that don’t have theme variables, like the Stepper Header (Completed step icon, number appearance.. etc) […]

By Aldimar J
Categorized as angular, nebular, stepper Tagged , ,

Enter key is not working for kendo-upload while using JAWS screen reader

I’m having kendo upload in my application. Keyboard accessibility is working perfectly without JAWS. With JAWS the upload button is not keyboard accessible. Note : We can’t use role=application it will make up/down arrow not to work. Is there any other way to make it keyboard accessible with JAWS.sample code Source: Angular Questions

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